Traditional power grids with legacy metering infrastructure generate a limited amount of data; however, the energy sector is now deploying smart metering infrastructure based on cellular communications. This new approach introduces a host of new opportunities; but it also means new requirements related to secure data collection and ensuring the quality of service for energy consumers.

Like the telecom sector, the energy sector is digitally transforming itself, so it requires analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for proactive operations and preventive maintenance. 

As smart metering deployments increase worldwide, including both electric and non-electric meter sources, e.g., electricity, water, and gas meters, we now see an unprecedented amount of data from millions of industrial internet of things (IIoT) devices creating a new big and fast data problem at an unprecedented scale. Analysts predict that IIoT will eventually generate more data than there is storage capacity on the planet. As a result, analytics and AI must be performed at the edge and in real time to meet the needs of critical infrastructure.  

Moreover, the data generated and analyzed at the edge and further transferred to external clouds needs to be securely protected to ensure grid confidentiality and integrity. Robust cybersecurity systems need to be implemented from design stage.

In this session, experts from Thales, Landis+Gyr, ABI Research and Guavus share insights on how analytics & AI can be used to improve planning/design, deployment, and operation of smart metering at scale. 

Questions that are answered:

  • What are the benefits of smart metering for utilities resource management?
  • What changes should be made to the grid due to the rise in electric vehicles?
  • What does smart metering growth mean for the demand for 5G infrastructure expansion? And what does that increased demand mean for telcos and mobile networks?
  • How can AI further help secure the grid?

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  • Smart metering manufacturers and suppliers
  • Energy sector organizations, particularly those in the public utility space
  • Mobile network operators (MNOs), communications service providers (CSPs) 
  • Public and private sector professionals working on Smart City technologies




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