Network automation is essential for mobile operators to successfully operate highly complex 5G standalone networks at scale.

The 3GPP NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function) standard lays the groundwork for autonomous 5G networks, in which analytics and AI/ML generate real-time operational intelligence driving service orchestration and network automation functions in the 5G Core.

But how do we get there? We'll need to answer some questions.

  • We don’t have analytics standards for 4G/LTE networks, so why do we need them for 5G?
  • What are the benefits of 5G analytics standards?
  • What makes operating 5G Standalone so different from 4G/LTE?
  • How do we implement closed-loop automation in mobile networks?
  • Where does NWDAF fit into 5G network automation?
  • What are some practical use cases for NWDAF?
  • What are the key technical requirements for NWDAF implementations?
  • What does it mean for NWDAF to be deployed at “cloud scale”?

In this session, 5G experts from Guavus, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and STL Partners discuss what is required to bridge the gap between the acknowledgment that there must be automation to successfully manage 5G standalone networks and the reality of what must be done to achieve service orchestration and network automation.


Communications service providers (CSPs), mobile network operators (MNOs), 5G equipment suppliers, cloud-native infrastructure suppliers, 5G services providers, cloud service providers

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