Actionable Benefits from this Report 

  • Discover the Telco priorities for big data and analytics tools.
  • Understand the key requirements of 5G data architecture.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF), associated use cases and standards.
  • Get recommendations and a five-step action plan to better use the power of big data and analytics and drive new growth and innovation.

ABI Research's Take on Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF Product

Quote_2-2Guavus is a pure-play analytics provider that focuses on telecom analytics. The company applies an open, multivendor analytics approach, singular telecom analytics focus and strong AI and streaming analytics technologies to its 5G-IQ NWDAF product. That enables operators to manage the complexity of 5G at scale and deliver an improved 5G customer experience while reducing operational costs.Quote_1-1

Don Alusha, Senior Analyst, ABI Research


Have you Defined your NWDAF Strategy?

Placing data and analytics at the heart of their innovation model will enable Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to deploy and operate 5G multi-vendor networks successfully and deliver a superior customer experience.

Guavus is excited to be one of the first vendors to launch a 3GPP-compliant NWDAF product that is open to enable multi-vendor 5G network automation.  Find out more »


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