5G networks are ushering in an era of gigabit-speed, low-latency, ultra-reliable wireless services, unleashing a wave of application innovation for consumer and enterprise use cases.

Yet 5G networks are operationally complex, challenging mobile network operators (MNOs) to ensure service quality while relying on the operator-centric tools employed to manage 4G/LTE networks.

5G complexity drives the need for autonomous operations

5G networks require autonomous operations, underpinned by network analytics and AI/ML that generate the real-time operational intelligence needed to inform all aspects of network operations and service orchestration. Consequently, the 3GPP defined Network Data Analytics Function, or NWDAF is a new standard for real-time network analytics that drives the automation of network functions in the 5G Core.

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Guavus 5G-IQ NWDAF for open, multi-vendor interoperability

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